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Systems Engineering & Design: Great Solutions Start Here

Engineers and designers are problem solvers. However, what distinguishes design from other types of problem solving is the nature of both the problem and the solution. Design problems are typically open-ended, which means they have more than one correct solution. At Aberdeen, our engineers and designers have a proven record of architecting the right solution that balances effectiveness, reliability, usability, and value.

Documentation Packages:

  • Product specifications and service instructions
  • System performance capabilities
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical schematics
  • 2D and 3D CAD assembly drawings
  • Solid models

System Integration Services:

  • Load and speed calculations and analysis
  • Environmental concerns; indoor, outdoor, marine and explosion proof
  • Mobile and industrial PLC programming
  • Motion and control system tuning
3d cad hydraulic design
hydraulic system schematic

Drawing on our decades of hydraulic engineering experience, we offer the ability to provide application consulting for complete motion and control solutions such as specialty drilling equipment, oilfield power units and more. Our tools, experience and capabilities allow our customers to focus on assembly rather than managing a complex set of supplier and partner relationships. Our formula for success is based on our unique ability to adapt our expertise to meet the needs of each customer. By teaming our talented experts with the customer, we offer the project a partnership that promises success.